life is diagonalized

miss my lake’s tree Josephine

I need something new, something usefull, please bite me!

mum is getting old, she’s desapearing

false Truffaut’s values again in my life

we had a lovely lonely walk together

there’s colored clowds in my chest … I hope this feeling will last forever

I have a missed father

you have a Simone de Beauvoir face

I lost my japonese needs

Having a funny silent talking on the screen

yellow smile, close hands …

folk yourself

and the burning dog had left the scene

I grew up, time has changed and I miss you so much James Bond

sorry, but I don’t recognize my voice on digital recordings

fake you’re dead again please!

I love shadow playing when it’s dark

you make me laugh but you’re not funny

hello stranger, It’s our song playing

exit corpse

poisoned by pleasure

having a Milan Kundera feelings

don’t look me that way, you’re scaring me

oh, you have an adorable green eyes Mr Deer

my life in a sketchbook have no reason

superman was my hero. he saved me twice!

I had a train wagon best friend when I was a child

crying of happyness

there’s two very well-dressed guys behind the bushes

he have a red martian turttle memory

high and hungry

lilies are part of me

you can stay in my preferred non existing lovely place if it pleases you

I am a half o me when in love

recovering dignity after humanity

never say never … never!!!!

I’m not a woman but I bleed sometimes

in dreams I walk with you … time to sleep … hi!


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